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Gotta Skate IV Act I Photo Sampling

A new camera with a new lens and its usual accompanying problems - obviously I need to figure out how to set this properly and use the camera properly, which means my pictures are not of as good quality as I would have liked. Dang. Still, got reasonably decent shots. It's much much much too late now to do the actual cropping and deleting required, much less the code to put these pics up on my website, so for now, here are just a sampling of approximately one photo per program from tonight's show to tide people over. I'm splitting these up into Act I and Act II b/c there are too many photos to put in one post. I may edit this later with music information, I'm too tired now to remember in most cases, though most of the time I didn't know the music. Warning, this may be somewhat slow to load, since there are 13 640x426 photos per post.

The opening number to Nessun Dorma, performed live by Michael Bolton and choreographed by Brian Orser

A look at the group number featuring Kurt, Brian, and Elvis - very cute and fun, definitely a highlight of the evening

Katarina Witt skating to Michael Bolton singing live

Jennifer Robinson

Brian Orser

Sale & Pelletier skating to Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Elvis Stojko singing to a song I know from the radio that slips my mind at the moment

Sato & Dungjen doing a cute 50s themed number

Garage mechanic Kurt ...

Of the "Heartbreak Garage"

Act I closing number to what sounded like a medley of Elvis songs, but maybe was just 50's songs

Another shot...

And another...Kurt in his element

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