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The Kurt Files' Kurt Browning Blog
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Welcome to the Kurt Files' Kurt Browning fan community!

This community is a place for fans of Canadian figure skater Kurt Browning to come together and share news, photos, articles, reviews, links, general discussion, anything that may be of interest to a Kurt Browning fan, new or old. It's a little like a message board, a little like a mailing list, and a great place for Kurt fans to meet each other and have some fun.

This is an open community. Anyone can join (and post, once they've joined). You'll have to have a Livejournal account to post (go to Livejournal.com - it's free and really easy) though you should be able to comment on posts as "anonymous" if you don't have an account and don't want to get one. And posts on anything Kurt-related (within reason) are welcome.

Just a few rules:
1. Posts of any length greater than a paragraph should go behind cut tags, as should any photos. Please make these cut tags descriptive enough to let people know what they're clicking on.

2. Livejournal does not host photographs (except for a limited number of user icons per account), so if you have a photo you want to share, you need to host it on your own web space and link to it. If you don't have your own webspace, drop me a note and we may be able to arrange something. Alternatively, you can get free photo hosting through services such as Photobucket.com.

3. Links to material from anywhere on the Web are welcome but be sure to give credit. If you *are* linking to a photo or something on a site that doesn't belong to you, don't link directly.

4. This is a civil, PG-rated =) community. Trolls are not welcome, and will be booted. Bashing of other posters or of Kurt is not permitted (there is a line between criticism/disagreement and bashing).

Any questions? Just drop me a note in my journal. Also, if you're new to Livejournal and need some advice, feel free to contact me. For those who are new, LJ pretty much uses html tags. The FAQ is very helpful.