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Gotta Skate IV Act II Photo Sampling

And here are the Act II photos:

Who is this mysterious cleaning lady?

Jennifer Robinson skates to Jann Arden performing "Good Mother"

Sato & Dungjen skate to Jann Arden. This program apparently was put together by S&D in the last few weeks explicitly for this show, by request of Kurt and Lea Ann Miller.

The mysterious cleaning lady helps prep Shae-Lynn for her solo number.

Shae flirts with the audience during "All That Jazz" (and later shoots an audience member, to everyone's great amusement)

Shrinking this photo seems to have done something funny to Kurt's face. The cleaning lady finally gets a turn around the ice, escorted by one Kurt Browning.

Yuka Sato skates a sassy, upbeat solo number.

Elvis pulling the skater's version of a rock star pose. Either this program or the first one was to The Middle by Jimmy Eats World.

David P, also a skater rocker, only with Jamie on his back, skating to Radar Love.

Kurt kneels to Michael Bolton in chagrined, laughing apology after botching the first run of his program, claiming distraction from listening to Michael sing as the reason.

Kurt nails try two of this program, skating to Michael Bolton singing live.

And it's time for a final bow, after the conclusion of the finale. But wait - is that Elvis in the middle? The other Elvis, that is? Brian sure seems to be perturbed by that pompadour. =)

And there you have it. I'll try to put up the rest of my photos on my webpage in the next few days, but hopefully these will hold you guys over until then. I should say - all photos copyright Tina Tyan!! Please do not repost without permission. Feel free to link to this blog though.

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